Sunday, February 24, 2008

They Grow Up To Fast..

So I visited my aunt this weekend and got to see my little cousin. She's 8 and out of control. Her and her friend were going on telling me all this stuff they know about sex and love and I was like where are you guys learning this from. So they told me that their school library has this book called Its So Amazing which all the kids are borrowing because its so interesting, and they showed me the book. I was truly traumatized. It was a bit too detailed and advanced for my little cousins eyes if you ask me. I'm all for sexual education but thats like in 6th grade not 3rd. And we wonder why these young kids are getting into so many situations. Here are some pics directly from the book.

How Your Body Looks as You Grow Up

The Amazing Sperm Race?

Different Types of Love (straight/gay)

This is all to much. Here a pic of my cousin (on the right) and her friend with this filthy publication.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Has anyone seen Lindsay Lohan on the new cover of NewYork Magazine channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe. I personally dont like the shoot, I don't think she did Marilyn any justice....

I Just Cant Stop..

Shopping is definitely my addiction... i just had to get these super hot Chinese Laundry boots.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fashions fade, style is eternal..

Since I've realli been on my whole fashion rampage these days, I had to add that I have purchased 4 shoes in the past week and to top it off i paid about $85 all together for all 4 (yes i know, im a SmArT shopper!!!)

here are the pics...

Rainboots (Finally!) courtesy of SoHo

Classic Flats .. courtesy of Downtown Brooklyn

Purple Flats .. also courtesy of Downtown Brooklyn

And last but not least these crazy hot chunk heels .. courtesy of Forever 21

Can you blame me for loving shoes and shopping!?

Only Great Minds Can Afford A Simple Style

This past week has been so great for me and yet so sad. Being able to attend two shoes during fashion week is a definite milestone, but now that its over, i miss it already. Anyway, I had to share the second show I was so happy to help out with..the Project Runway Finale!!! And what an amazing show it was. I had to include some of my favorite pieces but of course I wont tell you whose they were and spoil the show:

Here are some of the pics I took:

Heidi Klum

Sweet Pea




And my husband Christian!!!

I cant wait to see the finale to know who wins (of course my vote goes for Christian)!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Oh how I miss the serene comfort of relaxing after a long hard day and blogging, but lately I've been so caught up with school, work, interning; that I've lost sight of my first love :( my blog. But finally I'm back!! This past week has been a bit hectic for me, but I had to fill my blog family in on what i've been up to....

Recently, (Monday) i go the chance to intern at NYC Fashion Week. And I have fell in love with the Brazilian Designer Iodice. K so heres the back story, Iodice was founded by Waldemar IĆ³dice during the 1980s as a knitwear company. It later evolved to a full fledged fashion line but still displays many knitwear throughout the collection. Waldemar's slogan is "being connected to the world and to people’s attitude, without compromising your own personal style.”

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Monday nights show: