Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Goodbye 2007. You're going out with a bang.
I will miss both the smiles and the tears and the ups and downs that 2007 brought. But it's time for 2008.

I plan to give give my all to my little Love Hate Sensation in 08'.

New Year New Rules!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yum Yum Yum!

So i have a new love. It has always been my love, but now its evolving. The thought of dressing up and going out to grab a bite to eat is captivating to me. Especially because i live in the wonderful city of New York and i can hop on a subway get to whatever borough i need to go and get some wonderful food. Lately i been trying different restaurants from different
cultures. I picked 3 of my new faves.

Faan: Asian Fusion (Brooklyn)

They have really good food for a reasonable price. They carry options from Japanese to Vietnamese to Thai. Best of all is they deliver.

Columbia Cottage: Chinese (Manhattan)

With extremely reasonable prices (about $1-$3 more then you neighborhood Chinese restaurant) and the fact that all entrees come with a free pitcher of gets no better...mmm mmm mmm lol (they also deliver)

and my most recent visit (went here last night)

Cabana: Caribbean and Latin American (Manhattan)

mmmm mmm Empanadas. Long wait, but great atmosphere.

Restaurants and me go hand in hand...i just love food and i really love going to classy places with wonderful friends great conversation over a nice hot plate...

Monday, December 24, 2007

J'adore Prendre des Photos (I Love To Take Photos)

I really want this new camera. I been thinking about it all day. I mean my current camera is 5 mega pixels and takes amazing pics (including my main profile pic), people are usualy surprised. But the new one i want, its 12 mega pixels. Can you imagine how much better my pics will be. I think i'll have to get it before the new year comes around.

Here are some shots i took with the current camera:

my current college campus (you know, the place where flip flops and shorts are worn all year around.)

A tree in full spring bloom on campus
West Palm Beach Florida (last Christmas)

A snowy day outside of my dorm room window.

This is at 5 mega pixel level, imagine at 12...i cant wait!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ma Vie (My Life)

So today my dad asked me to watch an educational video about Guyana. I guess it was a kind of know your heritage thing. But either way it enlightened me to write about it. Every time I tell someone i'm 1/2 Guyanese they say one of two things...Where is that? or Wait, you don't look Indian.

There is so much about Guyana that people don't know. There are a multitude of races in Guyana. There are people of Asian-Indian decent, African decent, American Indian decent, Chinese decent, and European decent. This is why so many people can be from Guyana and still look so different. Anyway, Guyana is located in South America on the Northern coast. It is the only country in South America that calls English its official language. Guyana means land of many waters in Amerindian.

Some of the best landmarks are:

Kaieteur Falls, the largest single drop water fall in the world.

The Demerara Harbour Bridge; the fourth longest floating bridge in the world. (It used to be first)

And the Botanical Gardens which has housed
Manatees since 1895

Guyana is beautiful and amazing, and its part of my life that I embrace with open arms!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Les Enfants Ayant Des Enfants (Children Having Children)

Today i got to spend some time with my little cousin who i hardly get to see. She's 8 years old and crazy entertaining. Anyway, she was watching Nickelodeon and telling me how much she enjoys this show called Zoey 101. Then it occured to me the main character 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears (younger sister to Britney) announced no more then a week ago that she was 12 weeks pregnant.

(Jamie Lynn- Below)

Jamie and the father of the child

Now i'm not one to say who can or cannot have babies because these celebrities are humans too and its their bodies and their lives, but i do find certain things in this situation quite disturbing.

Number 1 Jamie Lynn is a child. A child carrying a child. Number 2 is the fact that with all this scrutiny around her family already how can she raise a child in a healthy environment? Number 3 why is the father of the child 19 years old and how convenient is it that they met at church?? And Number 4 what is the world coming to? Is this what my little cousins have to look up to?

Is it me, or are the morals of society all screwed up...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

La Tête Super ou Super Muet (Super Head or Super Dumb)

So today i was minding my own business doing my everyday reading and i stumbled across something realli odd. Last week I finished this book called The Vixen Diaries by Karrine Steffans (also known as SuperHead by the hip hop community). Her first book (Confessions of a Video Vixen) actually broke the top ten NY Times Best Seller List (shocking for a memoir about sleeping with the top heads in entertainment huh?)

Anyway i came across something very strange. On Karrine's website she has actually stumped down to selling her pre-worn clothes. Now I'm def. not one to knock pre-worn clothes (i mean thrift shop shoppin is still in), but why oh why would anyone choose to purchase clothing worn by a well known harlot (thats a nice word for hoe guys). Anyway here are some outfits featured on her page [] for sale.

Multi-colored Flower Knee Length Dress by Guess $50

Black Knee Length BCBG Baby Doll Dress $100

Grey and White Zara Cotton Wrap Dress $75

The stuff is cute..cant lie..but i rather dish out the few extra bucks and get it from the store...but thats just me ;)!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

La Musique à Mes Oreilles (Music to My Ears)

What I'm searching for
to tell it straight
I'm tryin to build a wall
-SantoGold (Les Artistes)

There is a wave of offbeat artist that i am IN LOVE with... I was always the N*E*R*D fan walking around singing songs like "you cant be me im a Rockstar. im running on the top of a cop car" while everyone was looking at me like i was nuts. But finally this new wave of music (i like to call it Experimental Hip Hop) seems like its here to stay. An option to the regular shoot em up' style.

My Faves Rite Now:


Spank Rock (although kinda filthy, his tunes are most definitely catchy):


And of course my throwback faves:

O how i love mus♪c ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mode D'hiver (Winter Fashion)

So some may think, on a nice snowy day stuck inside you should be studying. Especially when its finals week. But not me, all i can think about is WINTER WONDERLAND:

I dont know why, because i definately hate winter... the heavy jackets (even if they are stylish)

The patterned pashmina scarves (which i have 5 of thanks to the great street fairs of NYC):

and the rainboot (which ive yet to invest in) as protection from the constant storms of the season

I guess winter can be good for something. Because i personally do appreciate the fashion do's of the season, even if everyone else doesn't. But other then that, i'm excited to see what spring has to bring.

Monday, December 10, 2007

En Hiver ou Au Printemps (Winter or Spring)

So i was sitting in my room..trying to think of a profound discussion for my first blog entry...and all that kept coming to me was flip flops, shorts, and hoodies. Now i know most would wonder why are spring/summer items coming to mind in mid-winter. I too asked myself this. Then it came to me. Tonight, walking into my on campus dorm, I saw a girl in a hoodie. She shrieked outside "ahhhh its so cold!!" This made me question, where was her jacket?? The temperature at the time was high 30's, and the fact that i go to school outside of NYC doesnt help (on a good day, our temp is a 5 degree difference from the city). Now maybe it wouldnt be so bad if she was wearing a nicely insulated hoodie, but instead she was wearing the typical Iona ($39.98) apparel [as pictured below] So some may asks, what does a hooded sweater, shorts and flip flops have to do with each other. Well its sooo common to see on any given day (especially on days below 40 degrees), kids wearing these ridiculous items. I dont get it....

Shorts (yikes) >>>

The Classic Old Navy Flip Flop (you gotta be kidding me)
Slippers (who knows anymore)

Basically as of right now...this trend needs to come to a complete and abrupt stop...its getting out of control!!