Saturday, May 31, 2008

But I Love Her...


Shes my idol! And although I know in my heart i shouldnt say that too loud or too proud, for people may think i idolize all thing negative (drugs, alcohol, making a fool of myself), but i cant help it. I absolutely LOVE Amy Winehouse. And the fact that she battles her inner demons so publicly is such a shame.

Her recent performance at the Rock in Rio Lisbon concert proves that she needs an intervention immediately.

Her obvious disregard for her career is making me extremely sad. Her music is the soundtrack to my life, and the fact that she can no longer sing those songs I love let alone create new pieces, saddens me.

This is the Amy i once adored and looked up to...

but i am now constantly having to see the 'current' Amy...withering away and slowly killing herself.

Its onlii fair that i share with you what i recently seen that made me dedicate this post to the one and only Winehouse, and that was her recent performance at Rock In Rio. Below are the videos of a once amazing rising star, on the road to failure...

Horrible. Embarrassing. Disappointing. and downright Ridiculous! I can onlii hope Amy looks in the mirror and realizes that she can get help..and its never too late for a change/intervention. As upset as it makes me, i will still always root for her.

So instead of leaving this negative imprint of my idol in all of the minds of my fellow bloggers, i will instead leave you with a lovely performance when she was still good... Enjoy!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Imagine All of Us Just The Same..

I'm back..and not by any exciting force... I know i have abandoned LoveHateSensation and all my great blogger pals, but ive been feeling 'blah' these past few months. Blah about school (which is now over thank goodness), blah about my nightlife (which has been rather non existent lately), and blah about everything else I've been around.

But i'm back..I wish with some good news, but no. Instead i'm livid. Livid and annoyed! I went shopping yesterday, one of my favorites, hoping to rekindle that old flame i once shared w/ the wonderful cultural NYC. Instead i was annoyed by everything i saw. And what I saw was modern day conformity....

SoHo, once the place for individuals is now covered with a uniform. But not those classy cute preppy catholic school uniforms (which i wore a mere 2 years ago). No! its a uniform of the Hip Hop Punkster Hipster Posers (my friend likes to call them KANYE-SWAG-DUPLICATORS) .... what is this uniform you may ask? Well it was once something i thought would be cute for the spring, a new look that not everyone could pull off, but those that could would do it with class and dignity. I thought this until i experienced it first hand and it was completely overdone.

The first part of the uniform is the colored skinny jean...

now i myself cannot say i was not once into this jean..matter of fact i bought 3 in the winter excited to let them be seen by the world in spring. But yesterday after seeing them being sold in EVERY store (even on some street corners) and counting 9 girls in Forever21 with the exact same ones on and then a boy outside the store also wearing them, I realized, its time to let the jean go. And that is exactly what I did, I let that jean go to my 9 year old cousin. Maybe she can save it for when style will be recycled by the time shes in her late teens.

Part two of the uniform...the Kanye scarf..

You know you've seen it..cuz i seen it EVERYWHERE, and im sick of it! Now I am a scarf lover myself. I love how they keep my neck warm and are a great outfit accessory, but thats when there is a swift breeze outside, not when its 74 degrees. And i never been a fan of this style scarf to begin with. Now i have a few friends who own this scarf in many colors, and love it with all their might; but for me, this needs to go. If your not a performer on the Glow In The Dark tour and your not Kanye's entourage, maybe its time you let it go!

Keeping on the topic of Kanye, something i saw wayyy too much... shutter shades..

Now i know we couldnt tell Kanye nuthin', but i can tell you something... You look stupid!! your not blocking the sun, and your not wearing a prescription...leave those shades to the pros, K. West himself.

Last part of the uniform which worked my nerves yesterday were the faux gold rope chains:

These chains once made popular by Run DMC back in the day, were all well and dandy back then, but when paired with all these other just doesnt work.

Conformity, I know nothing can ever be done to change this. I mean followers will always need someone to follow. Personally, I am not once to want to look like the next guy, and i am definitely going to try my hardest this summer to avoid this uniform by all cost.

You may agree, or you may not, but I hope that coming back to my old LoveHateSensation with such a passion can onlii bring positive posts in the future...